Studio Ing. Pedrozzi & Associates SA boasts now an almost centennial tradition in investigating soils and rocks and has three generations of experience, evolving in the course of time according to the society needs. Beginning from the needs to free mountain villages from isolation and to face industrial and drinking water shortages, up to first major works in a territory almost unknown in geological and geotechnical terms. These are closely related to the important urbanization, which leads to design more and more complex works in narrow areas and prevents from leaving natural hazards and their effects on the environment and human settlements out of consideration.




Thanks to the long tradition, to the excellent knowledge of the territory and to a continued collaboration with companies, schools and research institutes, the Company is able to interpret the current needs of society and grasp the coming ones, moving with the times and following tradition at the same time.


It all started with Luigi Menin, a forest engineer from Trento, who in the 30’s began to deal with the design and supervision of the construction of mountain roads and defence structures against natural hazards first in Trentino, later in the Val d'Aosta and in the valleys of the Province of Como.

Subsequently Piercarlo Pedrozzi, Geological Engineer, continued the tradition in the field of geology, starting with the major works for the construction of the N2 motorway Chiasso-Airolo in the 60’s and 70’s. In 1970, supported by his wife Edda Menin-Pedrozzi, he set up an office widening the business activities to the fields of hydrogeology for industrial and drinking water supplies and groundwater protection. Transformed in 1995 into an S.A. (limited company), from 1999 to 2001 the Company was managed by Dr. Gianni Togliani.


In 2001 Giovanni Pedrozzi, Geotechnical Engineer, supported by his sister Anna Zali-Pedrozzi, took over the Company. Back from work experience in the field of underground works in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, he expanded the offered services to geotechnics and then geophysics sectors.





We are aware of the impact of our actions

on society and environment

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