The geophysics sector deals with soil and rock deep investigation by means of indirect techniques that vary according to the objectives, the depth to be investigated, the characteristics of the involved materials and the presence of structures.

These techniques include, for instance, seismic tomography, geoelectrotechnics, microgravimetry and the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR).








The choice of the most appropriate technique allows to:


Locate the surface of the bedrock, determine the presence of the water table and the sequence in depth of geological layers, characterizing the involved materials on a large scale.


Locate natural or artificial cavities, either at shallow depths through the analysis of the results provided by GPR and at greater depths by means of microgravimetry.


Monitor the vibrations produced on a construction site or by road and rail traffic (by using a proprietary geophone), verify compliance with Swiss VSS standards and conduct damage risk analysis.


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