The geotechnics sector provides design solutions based on soil-structure interaction analysis. Offered services consist of:


Field and laboratory geological investigation, data processing and interpretation aimed at the geotechnical characterization of soils and rocks.


Design of retaining structures, for instance: diaphragm walls, sheet-piling and Berliner Walls with prestressed and/or non-prestressed anchors; gravity walls, reinforced concrete cantilever supported by anchors; underpinning; soil stabilization geotextiles, geonets and geogrids.


Design of foundations, such as: spread foundations, footings, foundation slabs, piles (bored, cast-in-place driven, vibro-driven), micro-piles.


Design of aggregate deposits, fills and embankments as noise and avalanches barriers.


Study and design of soil consolidation methods: ground freezing, jet grouting vibrocompaction.





Design of soil bioengineering works, in particular for the retention of excavations systems or works outside suitable building areas: drainage system, reinforced slopes, dry walls, stone gabions, wooden boxes, weirs, slope vegetation and erosion control (Jute matting geotextiles, vegetation layering, packing, mattresses, live cribwall and hydroseeding).


Checking and control of structures interacting with soil and rock: static and dynamic loading tests on piles, micropiles, prestressed and/or non-prestressed anchors; plate bearing tests; quality and integrity control; consultancy for laboratory tests on specific components (steel bars, piles concrete, shotcrete).


Monitoring and interpretation of structural cracks, in particular relating to settlement,  movement of excavations and retaining works.


Checking and making safe of walls and garden retaining structures, reinforced slopes and terraces.


Testing of structures interacting with soil and rock.


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