The hydrogeology sector is aimed at groundwater protection and sustainable exploitation of water resources. In particular, it includes:


Field and laboratory surveys: monitoring of groundwater level (by means of piezometer), pumping, infiltration, absorption, Lefranc, Lugeon, tracer tests, estimation of water aggressiveness and potability, bacteriological and chemical analysis.


Industrial and drinking water collection: feasibility studies, searching for suitable sites for water supply wells and springs collection, evaluation of the amount and quality of extractable water.


Groundwater protection methods: study of protected areas, land register set up, executive measures aimed at structure construction and water treatment measures; Cantonal and Municipal Water Supply Plans - PCAI (hydrogeological investigations aimed at optimizing water resources exploitation in an area or municipality) and Water Disposal General Plans - PGS (hydrogeological investigations aimed at optimizing the disposal of rainwater and sewage of a municipality).


Appraisals for the disposal of stormwater and sewage: storage and re-release of water into soil through reservoirs, ponds, surface drainage, trench drains, ditches, sumps.









Groundwater lowering for building: studies and simulations of groundwater trends to determine the water flow to pump out, the lowering of the water table, the stability of the excavations and the settlements of adjacent structures.


Probes and geothermal heat pumps: geological and hydrogeological feasibility studies.


Contamination and remediation: studies and numerical models for the simulation of contaminant transport in the ground and assessment of the effectiveness of remediation measures.


Landfill and nuclear waste disposal: hydrogeological studies and simulations on the impact and possible risks to groundwater.


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